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Quality Customized Pallet Services in Kenosha

Is your business in need of custom pallet services in Kenosha?
Bristol Pallet Company provides our customers with customized solutions for
either your storage or freight pallet needs!

#1 For Your Custom Pallet Services in Kenosha

When it comes to the pallet industry, the team at Bristol Pallet Company has been the leader for over 20 years. Serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, we can custom size new or reclaimed lumber to meet your specific requirements.

We have several types of pallet services in Kenosha. We’ll take your scrap pallets! We can leave a truck or trailer for your pallet disposal to be done safely and easily. We have new or recycled wood pallets – decide what is best for your situation and we can customize your order.

Custom Pallet Services in Kenosha & Beyond

When it comes to customer service, we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. If you need your custom pallets by a deadline, we can get the job done for you.

Whether you have a large or small request , we can work with you to give you the pallet products you deserve. We love working with our customers so you get exactly what you’re looking for!

Give us a call today and place your order for custom pallets in Kenosha!